Cultural Education



The Department of Cultural Education at Amrita University has been translating our beloved Chancellor Amma’s vision of imparting good samskaras or cultural values to the students. The department offers the cultural education foundation course of two credits to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of the university, apart from various electives. The course includes yoga classes, meditation and personality development through a positive appreciation of Indian Culture and Heritage.

The Department has an impressive list of faculty with expertise in various fields:

Brahmachari Abhayamrita Chaitanya
Pro Chancellor
Brahmachari Abhayamrita Chaitanya, Pro Chancellor of the University is the Chief Mentor and Chairman of the Board of Studies in Cultural Education. Abhayamrita Swamiji has been a pillar of support and guidance for all the activities of the department.

Adinarayanan V.
Assistant Professor and Coordinator
Email: v_adinarayanan(at)
Shri. V.Adinarayanan has a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M. S. from North Carolina State University, USA). He worked in software industry and then taught Information Technology.

Pramod Kumar
Assistant Professor
Email: m_pramod(at)
Shri Pramod Kumar(B. Tech., IIT-Madras), is the Coordinator of the Department of Cultural Education. He was the recipient of the Yuva Shakti Youth Achievers Award 2005 (Tamilnadu) for his commitment and contribution in spreading awareness of India’s rich cultural heritage amongst students and the general public.

Probal Roy Chowdhury
Assistant Professor
Email: rc_probal(at)
Probal Roy Chowdhury (M. A. in English, University of Madras) joined the Department in January 2012 after spending over five years in the University's campus at Amritapuri. He is a prolific writer and contributes regularly to various magazines and journals, English and Bengali, besides having two books to his credit. As a high school student, he had the opportunity of representing India at an international children rights conference in the United Nations, New York. His current research interests lie in the study of pre-British Indian polity, especially education, and the Durga festival of Bengal.

Sripad H. Ghaligi
Assistant Professor
Email: sripad_g(at)
Sripad H. Ghaligi holds an M.Sc. in Yoga and M. A. in Sanskrit. He also studied Veda, Vedanta and Yoga in traditional gurukula system from Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, Bangalore. He has been a resource person to various cultural organizations and also for Department of State Education Research and Training(DSERT), Bangalore in framing syllabus for Yoga. He has conducted several training, camps and workshops for students and teachers in topics related to Veda, Yoga and Samskritam. His research paper on the topic titled, Effect of Vedic Chanting on Memory and Sustained Attention was published in Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge.

Dr. Upadyayula K. V. Sarma
Assistant Professor
Email: ukv_sarma(at)
Dr. U. K. V. Sarma joined Amrita as a faculty in the Department of Cultural Education in July 2013. He obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati. He then moved to Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay to pursue his Ph.D in the area of Indian Astronomy and Mathematics. He obtained Ph.D in 2012 for his dissertation entitled "Planetary Models Expounded by Bhāskara, Mādhava and Nīlakaṇṭha". After getting Ph.D he got an opportunity to explore and work in the area of Natural Language Processing in the department of Computer Science and engineering, IIT Bombay. Hailing from a lineage of Vedic scholars, he also learnt Kriṣṇa Yajurveda under the tutelage of his own father.

Swami Samarpan
Yoga Instructor
Email: samarpanananda(at)
Swami Samarpan is the Yoga Instructor at the department of Cultural Education. He was trained at the Bihar School of Yoga in Monghyr. He has a rich experience in teaching the theory and practice of yoga.

The Department also has many adjunct faculty who assist in its multifarious activities:

1. Prof. Dr. K. Subramanyam, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, SVYASA Univeristy, Bangalore
2. Prof. Michel Danino, Convenor, International Forum for India's Heritage
3. Prof. Rajiv Prasad, Amrita School of Business
4. Dr N. Radhika, Assistant Professor, CSE Dept.
5. Smt. K. Shobana, Faculty, English Dept.


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